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1. Component Identification in Software Configuration Management Applied to the Development of Framework Traceability
Denise do Rocio Maciel, Cláudio Roberto Agner, Luma Lopes, Maria Salete Marcon Gomes Vaz, Mônica Cristine Scherer Vaz
2. Comparative study for3,3´-[(4-X-phenyl)-methanediyl]bis(1H-indoles) synthesis catalyzed by Ce(III) cations
Eva Havránková, Jozef Csöllei, Pavel Pazdera
3. Chaos Modulation by Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Rabab K. Al Khafaji, Kais A.M. Al Naimee
4. E.coli and coliform concentrations in developed and undeveloped nearshore surface water within an inland lake
Gregory T. Kleinheinz
5. Mining of Datasets using Big Data Technique: Hadoop Platform
Rohit Kumar, Daulat Sihag, Khushboo Sukhija
6. Feature Based Tool Path Generation System for FDM
V Durga Rao, S Rajasekhar, N.V.S.Shankar
7. Potential of Terrestrial Laser Scanner techniques and Geographic Information System for Concrete Dam Monitoring
MOMAYIZ Kaltoum, ANOUAR Abdellah, SOUNNY Hafid
8. Transport of granular matter on an inclined vibratory conveyor with circular driving
Hamid El hor