Engineering Journal: Engineering Journal: Volume-2, Issue-4, April,2016

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1. Electron-acoustic solitons and double layers in a plasma system with Tsallis distributed hot electrons
Ramandeep Kaur, Parveen Bala, Kulwinder Singh, Honey Arora
2. The Effect of Type Two Diabetes Mellitus on Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Activity and its Correlation with HbA1c in Iraqi Patients
Namir I. A. Haddad, Essam Nori, Sana'a H. Ali
3. Characterizations of Type-2 Harmonic Curvatures and General Helices in Euclidean space E⁴
Faik Babadag
4. Hydrothermal growth of nanostructured Zinc oxide
Thamir A.A. Hassan, Ali Qassim
5. Information Disseminated with Technology Firms on Social Media
Juheng Zhang
6. Discovery of fraud in Medical Insurance
Yajie Cai, Zhe Yin
7. An empirical analysis about forecasting Tmall air-conditioning sales using time series model
Yan Xia
8. Diffusion of Toluene and Ethylene in ZSM-12 zeolite: Experimental and numerical study
Insaf Daldoul, Hicham Chaouki, Serge Kaliaguine
9. Missing Data Imputation Methods in Classification Contexts
Juheng Zhang
10. Monitoring of Bubble Formation during the Boiling Process Using Acoustic Emission Signals
Taihiret Alhashan, Mohamed Elforjani, Abdulmajid Addali, Joao Teixeira
11. Development of collagen-EDC scaffolds for skin tissue engineering: physicochemical and biological characterization
María Luisa Del Prado Audelo, Karla Karina Gómez Lizárraga, David Mauricio Giraldo Gómez, Héctor Martínez Hernández, Nayeli Rodríguez Fuentes, Andrés Eliú Castell Rodríguez, Edgar B. Montufar, María Cristina Piña Barba
12. Automatic Train Control Algorithms with Regulation Restrictions Adaptive to System State Changes
Leonid Baranov, Ekaterina Balakina, Ludmila Loginova, Pavel Vorobiev
13. On magnetite concentrate grains with respect to their use in concrete
J. Borucka-Lipska, W. Kiernożycki, N. Guskos, M. R. Dudek, D. Q. Ho, W. Wolak, M. Marć, J. J. Kozioł, J. K. Kalaga
14. Adaptive Backstepping Tuning Functions Control Design for Industrial Robot Manipulators
Tran Xuan Kien, Do Duc Hanh
15. Implementation of AES algorithm
Abhinandan Aggarwal, Gagandeep singh, Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Sharma
16. Effects of curing systems and light units on cytotoxicity of dental composites
Afife Binnaz Hazar Yoruç, Kadriye Atıcı Kızılbey, Arzu Karaul, Özcan Çakmakcıoğlu
17. Methodologies and Results of a Two -Year Project Promoting Integrated Pest Management and Chemical Use Reduction to Promote Science and Improve Health
Ferguson, Alesia
18. Influence of Operating Conditions of the Steel Cord on the Structure and Selected Mechanical and Technological Properties of High Carbon Steel
Dominika Grygier, Małgorzata Rutkowska-Gorczyca
19. Cascaded Model-Free Fuzzy Control: an Application to the Coupled Tanks System
Astolfo Coronado, Braulio Aguiar, Miguel Bernal
20. On The Reproductive Number of HIV/AIDS Patients in Nigeria
O.D. Ogunwale, T. O Ogunlade
21. Sensitivity Analysis for Prediction of Bead Geometry using Plasma Arc Welding in Bellows Segment
M. H. Park, I. S. Kim, J. P. Lee, D. H. Kim, B. J. Jin, I. J. Kim, J. S. Kim
22. Preservation of cardiopulmonary blocks: A real and interactive biomaterial for teaching and learning lung plethysmography and mechanical ventilation
J. Pineda-Gutiérrez, A. Sotres-Vega, J. Villalba-Caloca, M. Alonso-Gómez, S. Aja-Guardiola, J. García-Jarquín, S. Martínez-Fonseca, J. Salas-Hernández
23. Hydrodynamic torque converter operating under dynamic load
P A De La Fuente Bastida, H Stoff
24. The Influence of a Static Magnetic Field on the Behavior of a Quantum Mechanical Model of Matter
Eliska Vlachova Hutova, Karel Bartusek, Pavel Fiala, Premysl Dohnal
25. Duplex Stainless Steel Self-ligating Orthodontic Brackets by Micro-powder Injection Moulding
María E. Sotomayor, Alberto Cervera, Alejandro Várez, Belén Levenfeld