Engineering Journal: Volume-2, Issue-8, August,2016

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1. Improving hydrophobicity of N-terminal increased molecular stability of mannanase Man1312
Haiyan Zhou, Wenjiao Yang, Hanhui Peng, Yun Tian, Yongyao Wu
2. Extraction of lutein ester from marigold petals and its clathration with β-cyclodextrin
Zheng-de TAN, Ze-tang OU
3. Microbial Treated Waste Foundry Sand and its Metal Leachate Analysis
Asokan P, D. Suji, R. Rajesh, B. Elayarajah
4. Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Material Containing Non-Ferrous Metals and Inorganic Aqueous Solutions
Kenzhaliyev B.K., Berkinbayeva A.N., Suleimenov E.N., Dosymbayeva Z.D., Chukmanova M.T., Sharipov R.H.
5. Small-Signal Stability Assessment of the Cameroonian Southern Interconnected Grid
Jules Tsochounie, Emmanuel Tanyi, Daniel Tchiotsop
6. Formation of silicon oxynitride by laser ablation of a silicon target in a nitrogen atmosphere
Johans S. Restrepo, Stephen Muhl, Enrique Camps, Julio Cruz, Oscar De Lucio
7. Influence of the Cryogenic Treatment in Micro Structure, hardness and Micro hardness of the Brass 60-40 and Bronze SAE 64
Jerly Tatiana Sabogal Vanegas, Mauricio Alejandro Sierra Cetina
8. Design, implementation and control of a UAV blimp for photography
Andrés Felipe Galvis Mendoza, Cristhian Gabriel Salamanca Velandia
9. Optical Properties of CdZnS Thin Film by CBD Method
Subhash Chandra Shrivastava, Ritu Shrivastava
10. Hydrophobic investigation of Excimer laser effects on poly (ethylene terephthalate)
S Behrouzinia, F Radaei, M Shayganmanesh, M Sabaghi, S Marjani, K Khorasani, M Farahmandjou
11. Reduction of Torque Ripple of Segmental Type Switched Reluctance Motor Controlled with dsPIC
Hakan Terzioğlu, Saadetdin Herdem, Güngör Bal
12. Enhancement of X-ray Image's Resolution by using fabricated Anti Backscattered Radiation Grids
Abdullah Taher Naji, Mohamad Suhaimi Jaafar
13. A Novel Method for the Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data with K-Means Clustering: Sorted K-Means
George I. Lambrou, Maria Braoudaki
14. Efficacy Study of Low Cost Bioadsorbents in the Removal of Target Heavy Metals
Chirashree Jyotismita Dang, Bidut Prava Mohanty, Malaya Ranjan Mahananda, Susmita Ekka
15. Effect of the Parameters Variation for Induction Motor on its Performance Characteristics with Field Oriented Control Compared to Scalar Control
Hamdy Mohamed Soliman
16. Improved Genetic Algorithm for Minimizing Periodic Preventive Maintenance Costs in Series-Parallel Systems
Chun-Ho Wang, Chao-Hui Huang
17. Antimicrobial Activity of Lactococcus and Lactobacillus Species Isolated from Raw Goat Milk. San Luis Argentina
Nuria M. Mitjans, Mariela J Coria, Ana C. Anzulovich, Natalia Gaido Risso, Juan M. Castro, Irma G. Rezza, Patricia V. Stagnitta
18. Drying and combustion of an anaerobic digestate: Results and economical evaluation of a demonstrative-scale plant
Davide Gardoni, Marcella Guarino
19. Adsorption of Nitrogen and Sulphur Organic-Compounds on Titania Nanotubes
A. Rendon-Rivera, M.A. Cortes-Jacome, E. López-Salinas, M.L. Mosqueira, J.A. Toledo-Antonio
20. Comparative Study of Sense Amplifiers for SRAM
Mohammed Shafique, Ruchi Sharma