Engineering Journal: Volume-1, Issue-9, December,2015

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1. The block length effect of polymethyl methacrylate on surface morphology of polystyrene block polymethyl methacrylate copolymers
Wael Elhrari, Anour Shebani, Abdalah Klash
2. Morphological characterization of diamond coatings grown by MWPECVD on hexagonal Boron Nitride
Giorgio S. Senesi*, Grazia Cicala
3. A new approach to characterize dermal systemic exposure by use of chemicals' permeability coefficient (Kp) in finite dose – Application to some ingredients of nail polish by skin and nail exposure routes
Chevillotte G, Ficheux As, Ramirez-Martinez A,Roudot Ac
4. Threats and Disasters on Planet Earth
Nils-Axel Mörner
5. The Role of the Regional Data Сenter (RDC) of the Pacific Research Fisheries Center (TINRO-Center) in North Pacific Ecosystem and Fisheries Research
Dr. Igor V. Volvenko
6. Methanolic Extract of Red Ginseng Marc Induces Apoptosis on Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma HSC-3
Kyung-Min Choi, Seung-Mi Hwang, Jeong-Dan Cha
7. Effect of D-Solv Gel caries removal on Bonding of Self-etching Adhesive to Caries-affected Dentin
Dr. Sagarika Balla, Dr.V. Likitha Choudary, Dr. Vaishnavi Dasari, Dr. Aleem Mohammed, Dr. Vardhini Bolem, Dr. B.IndiraPriyadarshini
8. Unstrained Element Length-Based Methods for Determining One Optimized Initial State of Cable-Stayed Bridges
Myung-Rag Jung, Dong-ju Min, Mario M. Attard, Moon-Young Kim
9. Electrochemical Treatment for Wastewater Contained Heavy Metal the Removing of the COD and Heavy Metal Ions
Thien-Khanh Tran, Hoang-Jyh Leu, Kuo-Feng Chiu, Chiu-Yue Lin
10. An efficient Mapreduce scheduling algorithm in hadoop
R.Thangaselvi, S.Ananthbabu, R.Aruna
11. Smart Grid and Micro Grid: A Reliable Combination of Power System Network
Neha Kakkar, Mrs. Shuchi Shukla
12. Augmented Reality for Interactive Physical Field Visualization
Valentin Mateev
13. Influence of the 4Ps in the Buying Behavior of Elderly Consumers Flowers in Paraná Coast - Brazil
Adilson Anacleto, Erika Sumiko Fujita, Lorraine Paes Mendes, Regiane Maceno Vieira, Rennan De Tarso Pereira
14. The Use of Weathered Ignimbrites for the Production of Stabilized Earth Blocks (Seb): Case of Dschang (Western Cameroon)
Armand Sylvain Ludovic Wouatong, Geraud Poueme Djueyep, François Ngapgue, Valentine Katte, Véronique Kamgang Kabeyene Beyala
15. Studies on the Inhibitory Effects of Aloe Vera Bardensis Extract On Palm Oil and Palm Kernal Oil
Abubabakar Ahmed Hamidu, Haniel Jonah
16. Predicting the Risk of Bankruptcy for ARO Stock
Yuexian Li, Jinguo Lian, Hongkun Zhang
17. Calendar Effects Analysis of Americas Indexes
Zijing Zhang
18. Enzymatic Depolymerisation of Hemicellulose into Arabinose and Xylose by Aerobic Bacteria
C. T. Puttaswamy, L Udaya Simha, S Manjappa, Vinod Kumar C. S
19. Quality Evaluation of Entrepreneur Education on Graduate Students Based on AHP-fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Approach
ZhongXiaojun, WangYunfeng
20. On the Modeling and Simulation of Collision and Collision-Free Motion for Planar Robotic Arm
Galia V. Tzvetkova