Engineering Journal: Volume-1, Issue-4, July,2015

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1. Evaluation on Accelerated Corrosion Properties of the Concrete Produced by Replacing Sand by Copper Slag
Vishwa B Tipashetti, Shreepad Desai
2. A Study on Polymer Modified High Volume GGBFS Concrete
Iranna Kubasad, Vinayak Vijapur
3. Characteristics of Fly Ash from Thermal Power Plants and its Management along with Settling Pond Design
Md.Ghazali, Prof. O.P Kaushal
4. Heat Transfer and Flow Friction Characteristics of Solar Water Heater with Inserted Baffel Inside Tube
U. K. Nayak, Prof. (Dr.) S. C. Roy, Prof. (Dr.) M K Paswan, Dr. A. K. Gupta
5. A Key Approach To Maintain Security Through Log Management For Data Sharing In Cloud
Shriram Vaidya, Aruna Gupta