Engineering Journal: Volume-2, Issue-7, July, 2016

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1. Automatic Discrimination between Biomedical-Engineering and Clinical-Medicine Papers Based on Decision-Tree Algorithms: How Does the Term Usage Differ?
Motoki Sakai
2. Multipath Parameter Estimation for Synthetic Aperture Sonar using the SAGE Algorithm
Ara Hyun, Woojae Seong
3. Experimental Investigation into the Resistance Components of Displacement Trimaran at Various Lateral Spacings
Richard B Luhulima, I Ketut Aria Pria Utama, Aries Sulisetyono
4. Study on Strength Behaviour of Soil Using Geotextile
Anjaly Susan Philip, Kevin K Charly
5. Outstanding Issues in Mineral Resource Economics: The Case of Indonesia
Ukar Wijaya Soelistijo, Cynthia Valentina, Mega Puspita
6. A Fire Fly Optimization Based Video Object Co-Segmentation
Ashly Ann Varghese, Jemily Elsa Rajan
7. Software based reconfiguration for the Cascaded H-Bridge multilevel converter
R. C. Martínez-Montejano, R. Castillo Meraz, P. Salas-Castro, I. Campos-Cantón, M.F. Martínez-Montejano
8. Location Information Sharing on Mobile Online Social Networks Using Facial Recognition Method
Sherin Annie Thomas, Salitha M.K
9. Precision geoid determination by Fast Fourier Transform solutions of the Kernel functions of the gridded gravity anomalies and distances in the Oman Gulf
Askari A
10. Proposal of a full color automatic natural image region segmentation method with no limitation to the number of regions and the complexity of the area
Hideki Toda
11. Effect of Pulsed and Non-pulsed current on welding characteristics of AA6061 Aluminium alloy welded joints using Tig welding
B. Akshay Kumar, A. Raveendra
12. Mold Flow Analysis on Fan Part using Plastic advisor
B. Pavani, M.V.Varalakshmi
13. The function of Green for the bioheat equation of Pennes in an axisymmetric unbounded domain
M.J. Rivera
14. Mathematical Modeling of Phase Transformations and Residual Stress in A Thermomechanical Heat Treatment in AISI 1045 Steel By FEM
Karen Magally Valenzuela Romero, Carlos Arturo Bohórquez Ávila
15. Implementation of server side service layer in Internet of Things
Jaison Hezakiel, Dr. Vijayakumar R
16. Section Flatcutter-Disc Tool and Disc's Metrological Research
Prof. Dr. E.B. Isgandarzada, G.N. Abbasova, B.A. Abbasov, S.V. Ahmadli