Engineering Journal: Volume-2, Issue-6, June,2016

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1. The Fortification's Feasibility of the Butter by the Polyphenols Present in the Olive Waste
H. Mikdame, Z. Rais, F.Errachidi, H.Taouda, R. Chabir
2. Optimal design of steel and composite vessels with tube branch joint
Heikki Martikka, Ilkka Pöllänen
3. Deformation and Detachment of Crude Oil Droplet in the Presence of Different Concentration of Surfactant from Solid Substrate
Amar Kumar, Amit Kumar Gupta
4. Performance Evaluation of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector with Stainless Steel Sheet as a Reflector
Syed Mohd. Yasir Arsalan, Er. Earnest Vinay Prakash, Er. Rahul Charles Francis
5. Fabrication of Bicycle Parts for Water Lifting System
Vaibhav Bankar, Sheetal Prakash Manwatkar
6. Exploring the Possibility of using E-glass /Epoxy in the design of single toggle jaw crusher
Sankar.M, Balaji.K
7. Economic Load Dispatch Using Multi Verse Optimization
Harminder Singh, Shivani Mehta, Sushil Prashar
8. Accelerating String Matching Algorithms on Multicore Processors
Cheng-Hung Lin
9. Study on preservation of mango nectar using electric current and UV rays
Abd EL-Mohsen M. M.Nezam El-Din, HOSAM. El- DIN. ABOUL-ANEAN, Hasnaa M. Abd El-Monem
10. Pharmacognostical and phytochemical studies of flowers from Talipariti elatum S.w
José González, Armando Cuéllar, Max Monan, Enmanuel Nossin, Frantz François-Haugrin
11. A Survey on approaches for predicting performance of students
Miss. Geetha N, Mrs.Swathi .K, Mr. Hemanth Y K, Dr. Piyush Kumar Pareek
12. Survey on Long-Term Product Planning and Requirements Prioritization to Customer Value Creation
Mr. Hemanth, Mrs. Swathi .K, Miss. Geetha N, Dr. Piyush Kumar Pareek
13. Informational influence and ethnic myths as factors of enemy image's formation
Avanesyan H. M., Asriyan E.V., Stepanyan L.S.
14. GC-MS Determination of Volatile Compounds in Wine Using Needle Concentrator INCAT
Helena Jurdáková, Róbert Kubinec, Ladislav Soják, Renáta Górová, Gabriela Addová, Ivan Ostrovský
15. Failure Analysis of a Hot Forged SAE 4140 Steel Kingpin
J.B. Marcomini, C.A.R.P. Baptista, J.P. Pascon, R.L. Teixeira, P.C. Medina
16. Generalized ordered weighted power utility averaging operator and its applications to group decision-making
Jianwei Gao, Huihui Liu
17. Prediction of catalytic residues from X-ray protein structure refinement parameters
Yen-Yi Liu, Chih-Chieh Chen
18. Energy Loss Analysis of 3D Asymmetric Trifurcations Using CFD
Nagappa Pattanashetti, Manjunatha S.S