Engineering Journal: Volume-2, Issue-5, May, 2016

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1. Stability and Hopf bifurcation for Kaldor-Kalecki model of business cycles with two time delays
Xiao-hong Wang, Yan-hui Zhai, Ka Long
2. Study on Some Properties of Anti-centrosymmetric Matrices
Wenhui Lan, Junqing Wang
3. Management and Conservation Water Techniques for and by Farmers: when the water management is a risk shared by the community. Case of fragile ecosystems in Algeria
Abdelmadjid Boulassel, Brahim Mouhouche, Hafidha Boucherit
4. Effect of radiation on electrical characteristic measurement of the fabricated CdTe / P-Si heterojunction Solar Cell
A. El-Amin, M.H. Saad
5. Bio-Oil Production from Pyrolysis of Coffee and Eucalyptus Sawdust in the Presence of 5% Hydrogen
Zeban Shah, Renato Cataluña Veses, Rafaela A. Aguilhera, Rosangela da silva
6. The effect of under sea level on the transmission of signals for FBG
Khaled S. Fehaed
7. Adaptive Nonparametric CUSUM Control Chart with Variable Sampling Interval Strategy
YiQi, Jian Zhang, Liu Liu
8. Gap Functions and Error Bound to Set-Valued Variational Inequalities
Yuexian Li
9. Determinants of Loan Quality: Evidence from the Tunisian Banking Sector
Faiçal Belaid, Meryem Bellouma
10. Mathematical Analysis and Practical Applications of a Serial-Parallel Robot with Delta-Like Architecture
Chen-Yu Tzou, Min-Jie Hsu, Jing-Zhe Jian, Yi-Hsing Chien, Wei-Yen Wang, Chen-Chien Hsu
11. Towards a Framework for Executives and Decision Makers to Discriminate Big Data Projects for International Development
Driss Kettani
12. The growth of carbon nanotubes & carbon nanofibers on cement admixture particles
Ali kahidan, mohammadreza shirmohammadian
13. Corrosion Behaviour of Room Temperature Cured Polysilazane-Derived Silica Coatings on Al 5086
Renzo Bertoncello, Andrea Vezzoli, Elena Rebollo
14. Kinetic Modelling of the Adsorption Treatment of Waste Lubricating Oil using Activated Ukpor Clay (Bentonite)
M.K. Oduola, O.O. Okwonna
15. Retrofitting of RC Beam using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite
Prof J.Jose Franklin, Catherine Mohanji Gera
16. Behaviour of R.C Beam and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Beam for Shear Strength
Prof. R. Sterlin Fernald Sam, Sruthi M.S.
17. The impact of the chemical insecticide Malyphos and the vegetable oil of Neem on the aphid
Abderrahmane Kassimi, Lahcen El watik, Moumni Mohammed, Chaouki Hamid
18. Smart Liquefied Petroleum Gas System
Sujatha D, Sushma Padmanabha, Simanta Nigam Nayak
19. Kinematics Analysis of a Novel 5-DOF Parallel Manipulator with Two Planar Limbs
Canguo Zhang, Yi Lu, Liang jianming, Peng Wang
20. Development and experimentation of atelemedicine solution built around a digital stethoscope. The "BlueHealth" project
Emmanuel Andrès, Sandra Reichert, Raymond Gass
21. Hierarchical visualization techniques: a case study in the domain of meta-analysis
Felipe Paes Gusmao, Bruna Rossetto Delazeri, Simone Nasser Matos, Alaine Margarete Guimaraes, Marcelo Giovanetti Canteri
22. Network Nodes for Smart Thermal Grids
Tobias Teich, Daniel Kretz, Tim Neumann, Oliver Scharf, Pierre Werner
23. The Effect of Different 2, 4-D Doses on Callus Induction and Chromosomal Structure in Maize (Zea Mays L.)
Burçak Çabuk, Murat Özgen
24. Low Complex OFDM Synchronization in Power Line Communication for Flight Control System in Aircraft
Jean-Yves Baudais, Fabienne Nouvel, Thomas Larhzaoui
25. Big Data and Apache Spark: A Review
Abhishek Bhattacharya, Shefali Bhatnagar
26. Tumors of the Right Atrium – A Review of cases operated in Department of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Lodz, between 2008 and 2015
Tomasz Skowroński, Magdalena Redynk, Cezary Lewandowski, Sławomir Jander, Stanisław Ostrowski
27. Ambient air mercury species (TGM, RGM, GEM) concentration study during mid-winter~mid-spring season at a traffic site
Guor-Cheng Fang, Kai-Hsiang Tsai, Meng-Hsien Cho, Yuan-Jie Zhuang, Chao-Yang Huang, You-Fu Xiao
28. Image Restoration Using a Combination of Blind and Non-Blind Deconvolution Techniques
Bassel Marhaba, Mourad Zribi, Wassim Khoder
29. Application of fermented aquatic weeds in formulated diet of climbing perch (Anabas testudineus)
Junius Akbar, Arthur Mangalik, Syachradjad Fran
30. Soil Structure Interaction (Pumphouse) for Bending Moment
Mr S.K. Musande, Prof. V.P. Kumbhar, Prof. A.H. Kumbhar
31. Determination thermal and physical characteristics of liquids using pulse heating thermistor method
S. Matvienko, S. Vysloukh, A. Matvienko, A. Martynchyk
32. Application of Alpert Scale to Set Priorities for Apply Accessibility Guidelines
Leticia Maria de Oliveira Camenar, Simone Nasser Matos
33. Experimental study of effect of Reynolds number and Nusselt Number on the performance of flat-plate solar Air Heater having artificial roughened (Rhombus shape) absorber plates
Pankaj Kumar, S.C.Roy, M.K.Paswan, Ujjwal Kumar Nayak