Engineering Journal: Volume-1, Issue-8, November, 2015

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1. Dynamic analyses of a flat plate and a beam subjected to a moving load
Jia-Jang Wu
2. Assessment of dynamic traction therapy in lumbar disc herniation by clinical and magnetic resonance imaging outcomes
Andrea S Klauser, Josef M Gasser, John O Bamidele, Mohamed M H AbdEllah, Ralph Faschingbauer, Ferdinand Gundolf, Werner R Jaschke, Erich Mur
3. Cellulases: suppliers of energy and basic compounds, so life
Walid Saibi
4. Flow Injection Analysis of Indigo Carmine Using Green Coconut (Cocos Nucifera L.) Fiber as a Bioadsorbent
Felipe Zaidan, Patricia Antonio de Menezes Freitas
5. Sorption behaviour of maneb in the agriculture soils and its correlation with soil properties
Bhawna Vyas, Anil Kumar Singh, Swaranjit Singh Cameotra
6. Optimal Power Flow Analysis of IEEE-30 bus System using Soft Computing Techniques
Hari Om, Shuchi Shukla