Engineering Journal: Volume-2, Issue-11, November, 2016

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1. Development of Fire Educational Systems by Specific Core Competency Indicators based on the Career Progression Management of Fire Departments
Yi-Chun Lin
2. Needs analysis and construction of a simulation mannequin for diagnosing head and neck cancer
Boehm Andreas, Kronreif Gernot, Bernal Vera Luis E., Machno Andrej, Dietz Andreas, Korb Werner
3. Synthesis of Discrete Steady-State Error Free Modal State Controller Based on Predefined Pole Placement Area and Measurable State Variables
Mariela Alexandrova
4. Glycerol sorbent selection and optimized conditions for ethyl biodiesel purification by response surface methodology
Flavia D. Santos, Leyvison Rafael V. da Conceição, Domingos S. Giordani, Heizir F. de Castro
5. Intelligent Idle Speed Control for Modern Intelligent Automobiles
Chih-Cheng Wang, Chi-Hsu Wang, IEEE Fellow
6. Puzzle Based Captcha Implementation for Noisy Environment
Kanwaldeep Kaur Kanwal, Anupama Gupta, Vivek Aggarwal, Amandeep Kaur
7. Parametric Study of steel-concrete composite beams
Mimoune Mostefa, Siouane Saad, Mimoune Fatima Z.
8. Radio Frequency Identification Technology in Libraries
Ali Alwadi, Jeff Kilby, Amjad Gawanmeh, Hakilo Sabit
9. Study on fabrication and Characterization of NANO iron and Nano Iron on Carrier
Nguyen Hong Anh, Nguyen Van Vy, Bui Tien Trinh, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Tran Van Chung, Le Xuan Que
10. Corrosion behavior of weathering steel in tropical atmosphere of Vietnam
Le Thi Hong Lien, Hoang Lam Hong, Pham Thy San
12. Optimization of the Dehydration Process in the Manufacture of NT Series Compressors
Tomáš Brestovič, Natália Jasminská, Mária Čarnogurská, Marián Lázár, Ľubica Kapustova
13. Absorption storage of hydrogen in alloys of Ti, Ni, Mn, C
Tomáš Brestovič, Natália Jasminská, Marián Lázár, Ľubica Kapustova
14. Identification of spatial objects by their monochrome images of autonomous mobile robots
Professor R.G. Mammadov, T.Ch.Aliyev, A.S. Mutallimova
15. Complimentarity of digital holographic speckle pattern interferometry and simulated infrared thermography for Cultural Heritage structural diagnostic research
Vivi Tornari, Michalis Andrianakis, Kostas Hatzigiannakis, Kiki Kosma, Vincent Detalle, Elsa Bourguignon, David Giovannacci, Didier Brissaud
16. Effect of temperature on crystallite size and residual stress of nano-nickel coatings
Shouwen Shen, Jwaher M. AlGhamdi, Mazen M. Khaled, Nayef M. Anazi, Ihsan M. Taie
17. Design concept of a hydrogen filling system
Natália Jasminská, Tomáš Brestovič, Marián Lázár, Ľubica Kapustova