Engineering Journal: Volume-1, Issue-7, October, 2015

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1. Three Dimensional Fluid Structure Interaction Modeling of Hemodynamics with Continuous Postures
Wenying Mu, Shanguang Chen, Fengyuan Zhuang, Yu Li
2. Calculating Areal Ranfall Using A More Efficient Idw Interpolation Algorithm
Peter Valent, Roman Výleta
3. The Synthesis of Single Tetragonal Phase Zirconia by Sol-Gel Route
Peng Zhang, Kwang-Leong Choy
4. Colossal and frequency stable permittivity of barium titanate nanoceramics derived from mechanical activation and SPS sintering
Tawfik Al-Naboulsi, Madona Boulos, Christophe Tenailleau, Pascal Dufour, Mirvat Zakhour, Sophie Guillemet-Fritsch
5. Comparison of cn estimation approaches
B. Randusová, R. Marková, S. Kohnová, K. Hlavčová
6. Underwater Exploration Mission on Europa Jovian Moon
Rodrigo Perez Fernandez, Antonio Sanchez-Torres
7. Research of Gas Water Heater Cycling System The laboratory Immersion Corrosion Test of Metal
Shu-Lung wang, Yi-Feng Chang, Ay-Su, Jui-Yang Wang
8. Bacteria Associated with the Spoilage of Salad, their resistotyping and Potential Public Health Implications
Adegoke Anthony A. and Divine-Anthony O.
9. Static and free vibration analyses of a bike using finite element method
Chia-Chin Wu, Donald Ballance
10. Power Efficient Digital LDO Regulator with Transient Response Boost Technique
K.K.Sree Janani, M.Balasubramani
11. Research the heat transfer simulation analysis of water heater pipeline flow channel system
Shu-Lung wang, Yi-Feng Chang, Ay-Su, Yi-Ting Wang