Authors can submit article in Engineering Journal: IJOER using our online submission system. Author just need to fill simple details which are given below and submit their article in the attachment. If the article contains the excluded content like figures and tables then author can submit the zip file of complete folder. To submit article authors need to follow the below step, if not aware with our system.

Step 1: Authors need to download article format which is given in the below link and prepare their manuscript as per the given format.

Click here to Download Article Format

Step 2: Authors need to fill all the necessary details in the submit article page and submit their article in the attachment or authors can directly send their article to or

Step 3: After successfully submission, authors will get an automated mail to their email ID with a unique Tracking ID (Authors need to check their gmail spam folder or other junk folder if email not received.).

Step 4: Authors can track their status vai Track Article link.