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Engineering Journal: Content Updation Policy

Engineering Journal IJOER publishes articles of international interest from all areas of Engineering research and Science. The Journal is an international publication organization aims to publish research articles in the field of Engineering Research and Sciences. The aim of the journal is to offers scientists or researchers with expertise in Engineering Research and Sciences to share their systematic research outcomes with the real world or with new professionals who are doing best in this field. Engineering Journal IJOER is a worldwide monthly journal managed by AD Publications, Bikaner, and Rajasthan, INDIA since April 2015.

Engineering Journal IJOER is responsible for sending gallery proof of the article before publication to the corresponding author and gives them a suitable time for proof reading. After getting the confirmation from corresponding author, the article will be published with the informed issue. Researcher cannot make updation/modification/correction in the published article after publication. It is already informed to the author before publication. For any updation/modification/correction, authors need to send a reason to the editorial office of Engineering Journal IJOER.

Author's request to note that:

1.   Any updates in contents of the published article are possible only before publication of article. Content updation means it to be allowed one time minor changes in the published article. It does not mean to change whole article. Minor change can be correction in the author (s) name, correction in the affiliations, correction in the equations, correction in the misprint(s), correction in the wrong value, etc.

2.   After content updation request of your article, article (pdf and html) will update with newer version from journal database only. As you know that it is an open access journal. The term 'open access' means anybody can download published article from the journal and can use it for academic purposes under the license of CC-BY-NC-ND. It means, open access published article (s) to be used in any repository of the world (for example:,, turnitin, ithenticate, etc). Hence, neither journal nor publication house will be responsible for any rectification/updation/modification/correction if earlier version of article stored in the any repository of the world.