Special Issue-Volume-2,Issue-3, March 2016

adhiyamaan college

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information, Communication, VLSI Design & Embedded System

ICVE 2K16 (16th & 17th March 2016)

Organised By

Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu

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1. Design and performance improvement of a low noise amplifier with different matching techniques and stability network
S.Vimal, Dr.M.Maheshwari
2. Implementation of Power Efficiency and Error Control Coding in Optical Wireless Systems forVignetting Correction
Blessy Juliet.J, C.J.Profun
3. Implementation of Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA) Based Logic Circuit in 4-Channel Capacitance to Digital Converter for Capacitive Sensing Solution
Ambika .G, Anuja Hanji, Dr. Preeta Sharan
4. SPR Based Sensor for Detection of Hepatitis A Virus in Water
Savitha, R.Bhargava Rama Gowd
5. An Efficient VLSI Architecture of a Clock-gating Turbo Decoder for Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Anitha.V, Dr.T.Menakadevi
6. Uplink and downlink Resource Allocation to Improve Capacity for Cognitive Radio Networks
MonishaJeen.M.N, F.Renisha
7. Digital Image Watermark Protection and Self-Recovery using Discrete Wavelet Transformand SPIHT Coding
B.Uma, M.S.Monisha
8. Adaptive Detection and Classification of Life Threatening Arrhythmias in ECG Signals Using Neuro SVM
Agnesa.A, Shally.S.P
9. Image Quality Assessment by Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform In Fractal Analysis
P.Sabareeswari, Dr.T.Menakadevi
10. Automatic Tablet Pack Quality Monitoring System for Small Scale Pharmaceutical Firms
Ratish Rao.N, Dr.Surekha B
11. A New Secure Image Steganography Using Lsb And Spiht Based Compression Method
M.J.Thenmozhi, Dr.T.Menakadevi
12. A Survey on Continous Health Care System Using (W)
D.Muniyappan1, S.Vadivelu, S.Vinoth Kumar, Mr.R.Regin
13. Analysis of Wavelets Based Compression in 1D Signals, 2D and 3D Images
C. Hamsalakshmi, R.Kalaivani
14. Enhancing the Quality of Components Washing Machine by Eliminating Heater Failure
R. Achitha, S. Bhagyalakshmi, V. Jaya Sruthi, Dr. T. Menakadevi
15. Improving Energy Efficiency and Lifetime using DCD And VFA in MWSN
Manoranjini.M, JothiMuneeswari.S