Engineering Journal: Volume-1, Issue-3, June,2015

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1. Numerical Analysis of Crack Effect on Natural Frequency of Cantilever Composite Beam
Arpit Kumar, Vipin Kumar
2. Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance in Thermal Power Station (Barauni Refinery)
Prof. Shahzad Ahmad, Syed Md. Shahwaz
3. Business Intelligence: A catalyst for change management (Case Study of Loral International Schools Organization)
Udoh Maurice
4. Experimental Investigation To Develop The Refrigeration System With Two Phases Condensing Ejector Along With Energy Saving
Anjani Kumar, Kuldip Kumar, Ujjwal Kumar Nayak
5. Analysis of Fiber bragg grating as dispersion compensator
Ms. Heena Singh, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Mr. Ramesh Bharti
6. Investigated Result of Flattened dispersion on silica based PCF of Hexagonal lattice
Priyanka Arora, Mayank Joshi